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In our guide, property sellers and property buyers will find valuable information on all aspects of property ownership. You would like to sell or buy a property and this involves a variety of questions. It is important to us to support you. Here you will find valuable tips that cannot replace individual advice. You can contact us personally with your questions at any time.

How can I save on taxes when selling a property?

You do not have to pay taxes when selling your house or apartment if you have owned the property for more than ten years or lived in it for at least three years. The tax office can charge a speculation tax if you sell your property before the aforementioned limits. These taxes are applied to the profit from your sale. If you do not profit from the sale, you do not pay speculation tax.

But caution: Due to increasing property prices, the tax office becomes suspicious when a property which has only been owned for a short time is sold without profit. There has to be a good reason why the selling price is less than the original purchase price.
A tax on profit and trade taxes apply if you sell three or more properties within five years. It can be advisable to spread the sale out across a longer time period in order to save on taxes.

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