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In our guide, property sellers and property buyers will find valuable information on all aspects of property ownership. You would like to sell or buy a property and this involves a variety of questions. It is important to us to support you. Here you will find valuable tips that cannot replace individual advice. You can contact us personally with your questions at any time.

How do I determine the market value of a property?

There is no all-encompassing answer to this question. The individual property value is the first thing that determines the price at which you sell your property. The value is also determined by the three main factors of location, condition of the property and facilities. The price also depends on the desirability of your home in the respective market. The value is determined by numerous other factors which we can explain to you free of charge.

It is also a good idea to choose an estate agent for selling your property, since the selling price of your house depends on two other factors: Marketing and negotiation skill. An experienced estate agent will put your property in the right light when marketing it. Professional photos and expensively placed advertisements on the leading internet sites can drive up the price. Finally, targeted negotiating skill ensures that you get the best price for your property. It is important to persuade with good arguments and soothe the doubts of prospective buyers. This requires specialist knowledge, understanding of people and good rhetoric. An experienced estate agent is proficient in all of this and knows how to use it in accordance with the law.

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