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Real estate advisor

In our guide, property sellers and property buyers will find valuable information on all aspects of property ownership. You would like to sell or buy a property and this involves a variety of questions. It is important to us to support you. Here you will find valuable tips that cannot replace individual advice. You can contact us personally with your questions at any time.

When is the best time to invest in property?

Unlike when you are making other purchasing decisions, there is no designated sale season for properties. You cannot expect seasonal price fluctuations. Whereas the time of year doesn’t matter, your personal and economic situation is of greater importance. You should ask yourself the following questions before making the investment:

  • Does the current interest rate policy make affordable financing possible?
  • Can I finance my dream property at the moment?
  • Am I looking for a stable, inflation-proof investment?
  • Do I want to make provisions for my old age?
  • Do I want to be free of the pressure of paying rent?

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