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In our guide, property sellers and property buyers will find valuable information on all aspects of property ownership. You would like to sell or buy a property and this involves a variety of questions. It is important to us to support you. Here you will find valuable tips that cannot replace individual advice. You can contact us personally with your questions at any time.

Why should I sell my property?

There are many good reasons for selling your property. Life circumstances often lead to selling your property. Perhaps you would like to upsize or downsize. A move may also be due to professional reasons. An inheritance can also be a reason to sell a property. Selling is often the best option if a property has been transferred to multiple heirs. The heirs may initially consider renting the house, but the majority eventually decide to sell.

This is particularly due to the difficulty in managing the property together and dividing up the rental income. Renting is rarely beneficial with detached houses, since the maintenance costs often exceed the rental income. If the property is sold, the heirs can divide the revenue fairly. Many future testators know about the difficulties of property inheritance. So some seniors sell their home while they are still living, in order to simplify the division of assets. Selling a house or apartment can also be a sensible decision for tax reasons. Anyone who acts cleverly regarding this matter can ensure that their descendants pay little or no inheritance tax.

Other reasons for selling your property are:

  • No more owner obligations and tasks
  • No more administrative tasks or stress with tenants for rental properties
  • Benefitting from high demand
  • Prompt access to large quantities of money

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