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The dream of property investment needn’t remain a dream. We are the right partner to have at your side to make the purchase of your house, apartment or commercial project a reality.

Find your home in Berlin with us.

As your Berlin estate agent, we can offer an appealing, diverse selection of real estate at various price points. Be it an apartment in an old building in Prenzlauer Berg, a new build apartment in the centre of Berlin, a house in the lush, green suburbs of the metropolis or an apartment block in Kreuzberg: Purchase the best property from us! Reap the benefits of a powerful full service partner who will simplify your entire purchasing process – from search to completion. Find your dream property with us!

Personal, reliable, better.

Did one of our properties catch your eye? We know that purchasing a house for private use or an apartment for renting out is a very personal matter. Contact IMMOTION CAPITAL today and let us take care of all of your property requirements.


Make use of our advantages:

Market expertise

Whether you’re a lifelong Berlin native, new to the city, or simply looking to invest in Berlin: We know every corner of the city, and can advise you in depth on the individual city districts. We know what characterises each district and which areas are currently in demand or up and coming.


With us, you’ve undoubtedly found a real estate professional who will find your new home or investment property. The IMMOTION CAPITAL team have already successfully aided many buyers in buying a condo, a rental house or even large residential buildings.


As a buyer, you’re in good hands with us – whether it’s putting together documents for your bank, handicraft services or interior design tips – we’ll take the time to answer all your questions.


We will show you properties that suit you based on your wishes and requirements. We will gladly introduce you to other options that you may not have even considered. You will also get a look at checked and suitable properties before they officially go on the market.


We will accompany your property transaction from start to finish in a close and trustworthy manner. With us, you’ll get the best possible price and we guarantee the highest levels of professionalism. We provide transparency, carefully check every property and are only satisfied when you are.


As an experienced estate agent, we have a comprehensive network of contacts. Our database ranges from wealthy individuals to institutional investors and property and project developers.

Buying property in Berlin: for private use

There are several good reasons to invest in property. It is a reliable and future-oriented way of investing your money. The house or the apartment belongs to you. You’re not subject to rent increases or disputes with landlords. There are many other aspects which speak in favour of purchasing a property for private use. One aspect is particularly decisive: Property is valuable insurance for when you’re older. It protects from you financial close calls, since generous state pensions are long since a thing of the past.

Buying property in Berlin: for rent

Despite the current political debates about capped rents etc., Berlin is the ideal city for property investment. The city is young, hip, in demand and there is nowhere near enough living space for everyone. For many years, international groups have been buying properties in the metropolis for their funds in order to make considerable returns. Follow this example! Whether you are an experienced property investor or a first time buyer, we’re the right contact if you are thinking of making a financial investment in Berlin. Thanks to our many years of experience and outstanding knowledge of the area, we can provide you with reliable advice.

The answers to the 13 most important questions when purchasing property

Individual preparation is the key to buying an apartment, house or commercial property. How expensive must/may the investment be? What is the required location? What characteristics does the property need to have? We as your estate agent will ask you the right questions in order to find the ideal property for you. We have listed some of the most important questions below. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly! We will gladly answer your personal issues in a discussion.

The running costs consist of the following:

  1. Your monthly financing rate. (Since the majority of people take out finance for at least 10 years, absolute planning security is required.)
  2. House costs. As a private user, this includes maintenance reserves and the administrator fee as well as utility costs. In a rented property, the utility payments are the responsibility of the tenant.
  3. Property tax.

Fundamentally, it is possible to purchase a home or apartment without little or no equity. However, financing is more expensive because the bank is taking a bigger risk. This route is therefore only for people with very good credit and a fixed, above-average income.

In Germany, the purchase of property is only legal if it has been certified by a notary. Usually, your estate agent will find a good notary who will clearly explain the purchase agreement to you. If there are no special circumstances, standard contracts can be used in which individual details of the property, the buyer and the seller are entered.

The property transfer tax is 6 %. Then there are 1 to 2 % notary and legal fees and a local estate agent commission.

If you are looking for a rental property, there are different criteria to consider than there are with a property for private use. First, you need to take a good look at the area. Think about factors such as the economic structure, traffic routes, vacancy levels in the area, the image of the district, the demographic structure, future plans for development and much more. Local knowledge is essential. Our work as a local estate agency is all the more important.

You can either rely on word of mouth recommendations or by posting advertisements on various property portals. Or we can deal with this task for you. An estate agent may seem superfluous in Berlin, given the current accommodation shortage.

A good estate agent will make your property purchase easier. The estate agent can find properties more quickly and will give you comprehensive advice. The estate agent can also alert you of dangerous pitfalls and costly mistakes.

In order to ensure that you are the first to be informed as soon as the perfect property is available, professional estate agents use a customer database. It holds all of your requirements and can directly compare them to new properties as they go online. This allows the estate agent to bring the buyer and seller together as quickly as possible. Your estate agent continually checks whether one of the properties in their pool is suitable for you. And the best part about this is: They are often properties which are not yet on the market.

Different considerations apply to a rental property than a property for private use. The main focus of a rental property will always be on profitability. The maintenance and administrative costs need to be as low as possible and the rent as high as possible. Good rentability is also important in order to protect yourself from an empty property and the associated loss of income. A well-versed estate agent has profitable investment properties at all price levels: from a small studio for students to apartment blocks and large commercial complexes. We can also deal with the renting of the property for you, or put you in contact with a reliable property manager.

Before you start the purchasing process, you should think about what you expect from purchasing property. Is it a rental property, or would you like to live there yourself? After your motivation, you consider your requirements. The next step is to balance your requirements with the market situation.

Properties are coveted investments. Some individuals decide to buy several properties in order to rent them out. There is no upper limit on how many you may purchase. However, it is advisable to discuss the purchase with an experienced estate agent. Your estate agent will provide you with valuable tips regarding profitable properties, the correct financing and much more.

Berlin is a global metropolis that attracts people from everywhere. The standard of living is high, and the job market is interesting. The interest in buying property exceeds the number of new build projects considerably. Building land has also become scarce. Berlin is growing and growing. Official estimates predict that the population will be 3.95 million in 2030. Living space is scarce. It’s obvious: Despite the rent cap imposed by the Berlin senate, buying an apartment or a commercial unit in the capital can demonstrate foresight. There is no more effective way of protecting yourself from increasing rents. We will gladly advise you on your wishes and needs regarding property buying in Berlin.

Unlike when you are making other purchasing decisions, there is no designated sale season for properties. You cannot expect seasonal price fluctuations. Whereas the time of year doesn’t matter, your personal and economic situation is of greater importance. You should ask yourself the following questions before making the investment:

  • Does the current interest rate policy make affordable financing possible?
  • Can I finance my dream property at the moment?
  • Am I looking for a stable, inflation-proof investment?
  • Do I want to make provisions for my old age?
  • Do I want to be free of the pressure of paying rent?

Younas M.

Ich bin von Köln nach Berlin gezogen und benötigte nicht nur Beratung bezgl. einer passenden Eigentumswohnung, sondern auch dazu, welche Lage in Berlin wirklich zu mir passt. Bei beidem wurde ich ausführlich und weit über das Maß normaler Besichtigungstermin von Herrn Geimer betreut. Ich bin jetzt in meiner neuen gut sanierten Wohnung in Berlin Neukölln absolut happy und kann Immotion Capital wärmstens empfehlen.

Walter F.

Immotion Capital hat uns durch den gesamten Kaufprozess einer Neubauwohnung begleitet. Bei Fachfragen hat man uns bestens beraten und auch tolle Tipps gegeben. Herzlichen Dank für die angenehme Betreuung.