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Are you planning on selling a property in Berlin? Then we’re your qualified partner with excellent local knowledge!

Sell your Berlin property with IMMOTION CAPITAL.

With skill, engagement and our tried and tested selling process, you will benefit from saving a considerable amount of time, an excellent asking price and no stress. Be it a condo, penthouse, villa, apartment block or office complex: We personally and professionally ensure that you have a relaxed sales process with comprehensive service.

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From the initial consultation to the notary appointment and the handover of the keys – the IMMOTION CAPITAL team is there for you. You’ll save time, money and energy. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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6 good reasons for IMMOTION C APITAL:


We have a great deal of market experience in the real estate industry with the main focus on the Berlin market. We are local experts with a feel for trends, who know which prices are possible and how you can get them.


We have a widespread network of contacts, which allows us to reach a very wide range of customer groups, which is why we probably already have the buyer for your property in our database.


We will go the much cited extra mile for you. Our service is comprehensive and includes all meetings with local authorities. We can also put you in contact with good financial advisors and reliable tradespeople.


We use a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art property marketing methods, including home staging and 360-degree camera recordings in order to encourage online viewings. We are also the right contact partner for property developers. We can advise you on how to set up show apartments, optimise the layout and much more.


We know that each property is unique. It has special characteristics which require individual valuation. This requires a high degree of local knowledge, including knowledge about the future development of the city and other factors. Of course, our valuation services are free of charge.


With properties it’s not just about buildings made from concrete and stone, but a home and people with personal interests. This is why we always act sensitively and with you in mind.

Benjamin E.

Unsere Wohnung in Berlin-Friedrichshain haben wir zunächst vorab von Immotion Capital bewerten lassen. Auch der spätere Verkauf verlief für uns hervorragend! Sehr professionell und seriös!

Anna G.

Durch Empfehlung hatten wir Herrn Geimer den Verkauf unseres Mehrfamilienhauses in Berlin-Schöneberg anvertraut. Wir fühlten uns sehr gut beraten und der Verkauf verlief reibungslos.

Selling property in Berlin: for individuals

As an experienced estate agent, we look after you from the initial contact to the signing of the purchase agreement and the handover of the property. Regardless of whether you are selling a small condo, a spacious penthouse, a terraced house, a villa, a commercial complex or even an apartment block: We will always give you excellent advice as your contact partner. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to sell a variety of properties.

What is your property worth?

One of the most important factors, if not the most relevant persuasive factor in selling a property, is the asking price. Discover how we would value your property and make a solid decision using our transparent price breakdown.

Selling property in Berlin: for property developers

Do you want to market homes as a property developer? You’re in the right place with IMMOTION CAPITAL. The creative, successful sale of your properties is in the best hands with us – at a persuasive price. We would be pleased to advise you regarding an appealing interior design and layout optimisation. You can rely on us if you are looking for powerful visual advertising with an emotional impact.

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Do you still have questions about selling property? Do you want to speak to a knowledgeable contact partner who can provide comprehensive advice that is tailored to your individual situation? You’ll save time, money and energy. We’re looking forward to hearing from you by phone or by email:

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The answers to the 8 most important questions when selling property

Selling property isn’t an easy task. The complicated selling process should only start after you have armed yourself with good information. In the following, we answer questions about property selling that we are frequently asked as experienced estate agents. Find out more here and do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

There is no all-encompassing answer to this question. The individual property value is the first thing that determines the price at which you sell your property. The value is also determined by the three main factors of location, condition of the property and facilities. The price also depends on the desirability of your home in the respective market. The value is determined by numerous other factors which we can explain to you free of charge.

More and more owners are relying on the services of an estate agent, since they are specialists in the process of selling property. The time needed to sell a property and the asking price are both significantly influenced by the skill that is demonstrated in the selling process. Professional estate agents work on property sales day in, day out. They know exactly which aspects are decisive in selling. Bear in mind that a good estate agent will support you down to the last detail. They consider the property as a whole and know the market. They can present the property in the most attractive way.

You may sell your property at any time. But you may have to pay taxes. This is due to the fact that property sales are counted as commercial property trading and private asset management. Income tax can be applied depending on the circumstances.

There are few additional costs for sellers. Notary fees for deletion will apply if you have entered a land charge in the land register. Bank charges may also apply. Speak to your bank for further information.

Selling property is a complex process. In order to avoid legal errors or the loss of time and/or money, it is essential to be well prepared. You can roughly divide the sale into these 10 steps:

You do not have to pay taxes when selling your house or apartment if you have owned the property for more than ten years or lived in it for at least three years. The tax office can charge a speculation tax if you sell your property before the aforementioned limits. These taxes are applied to the profit from your sale. If you do not profit from the sale, you do not pay speculation tax.

There are many good reasons for selling your property. Life circumstances often lead to selling your property. Perhaps you would like to upsize or downsize. A move may also be due to professional reasons. An inheritance can also be a reason to sell a property. Selling is often the best option if a property has been transferred to multiple heirs. The heirs may initially consider renting the house, but the majority eventually decide to sell.

The ideal time is when it is a seller’s market. This means there are more buyers than available properties, and the prices increase to reflect that. There has been a seller's market in all urban areas in Germany for years. You can see the market’s development in this graphic. Prices have risen throughout Germany – with only a few exceptions.